Molding Capabilities

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Plastic Molding is our business. Whether your need is Injection Molding, Insertion Molding or even Parting Line molding, we have the skills and tools to cover you.

Injection Molding

The art of forming hot plastic

O ur most common request is for injection molding. We have 14 late model injection molding presses ranging in size from 40 to 400 Ton. Most of our presses are equipped with hardened barrels and screws to allow us to run glass filled materials as well.

Insertion Molding

Combine metal and plastic to make one finished item

U tilizing Insertion Molding, your product design can be produced to lessen cost and assembly time. Dependent upon your need, we can fit plastic and metal together to create one strong finished good out of multiple different components.

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Parting Line

Parts Designed and Molded to Work Properly


P arting Line Injection Molding is a very specific injection molding process that can be simple or complex dependent upon the product. Please let us know your specifications and we can work to mold to the exact parameters.